Sunny Patch Cottage has been around since 2007.  It was known as different names prior to 2007, and started out as a custom plus size scrub top business.  

Moving ahead a few years, Sunny Patch has grown to include quilting, culottes, skirts, baby items, and more.

Sunny Patch uses new (off the bolt) fabrics, as well as upcycled fabrics from thrift stores.  We enjoy reclaiming fabrics that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  

We currently blog under the Frugal Kansas Homemaker, with ideas on frugal living, sewing, and Christian living.  

The Frugal Kansas Homemaker Blog

Encouragement for Daily Christian Living

About Sunny Patch

Conservative Christian Sunny Patch Cottage Abella Family Fundamental Baptist


We here at Sunny Patch Cottage are conservative Christians, and are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus.  We believe the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to the last word of Revelations.  

sewing and creating is a love and joy at Sunny Patch

Creating with Joy and Love

Sunny Patch Cottage creates all their pieces one at a time.  The items are all made with love, with joy in the creating process, and a passion for using needle and thread.  

Encouraging Femininity

In our world femininity has been tossed aside in the desire to be as good as or better than men.  Our desire at Sunny Patch is to encourage girls to embrace their femininity, to experience the joy of being a girl, and grow up to become the ladies God wants them to be.  We also desire to encourage moms as well, who teach their daughters to become real ladies and their boys to become real men. 

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