Custom Made Items

How To Order A Custom Made Item

If you see something you like but prefer another color or print, there's a good chance I can make it for you.  If you see it here, there's a pattern for it.  

#1--Choose what you like

If you see something you like, feel free to contact via the methods available to work out a custom order just for you.  

#2--Find the fabric you like

I don't carry tons of yardage...I just don't have room.  But, I do have access to a wonderful shop in Greenbush, KS that allows for online orders with free pick up (Kat's Fabric Store).  Say that you want a custom split skirt/culotte, and I don't have the fabric you prefer, but you find something in Kat's store that you love--you can order it through her, and just leave her a note telling her I will pick it up.  BTW my name is Angie Abella. :)  It saves shipping costs for you, and you get the fabric you love at great prices.  Plus she runs clearances on certain bolts regularly.  Kat's a wonderful lady to work with and has good brand name fabrics that I'd love to just hoard myself.  If you have something in mind in a solid color that's pretty common, I can find it easily as well.  On fabrics I purchase, I don't charge for what I don't use on your item.  

#3--Give me the deadline

I love knowing what time limits I have to work in.  I do not wait til the last second, I'm the person who is early rather than on time or late.  Please keep in mind shipping times...I may control how I work, but I can't control USPS or UPS.  Oh how I wish I could though!

#4--Place Order

Once we have ironed out all details and it is to your satisfaction, I'll publish your custom order for you to purchase, with established timeline and details in listing.  

#5--I get to work

I then get to work, and am known to share photos of the individual pieces as they are made, with detail to the specifications as desired.  I like to keep an open door in contact to make sure I am creating your order just as you asked.  I'd rather ask extra questions or get more details than assume and then do the work poorly.

Once everything is ready, I ship and send you tracking information.  

Upon arrival, if anything is wrong, by all means let me know and I'll work to make any issues correct.  I want you to be satisfied.